Hitterdahl Lutheran Church

Sunday School Staff

Marsha Kristoff, Curtis Flaata, Steve Olson and Donna Ambacher are the caring staff that are instrumental in bringing the love of God to the youth of our membership. Lila Shower is the confirmation leader. Their dedication is truly a blessing for God's family of believers.

About Hitterdahl Lutheran Church

Church Treasurer

Lynda Pfleegor is Hitterdahl's amazing treasurer and financial personnel.

She is also a big part of the choir as well as speaker in the weekly readings. 

Financial Treasurer

Linda Goli  takes charge of Hitterdahl's offering records. She is also a talented seamstress and heads the quilt circle in which she and other dedicated women create works of art that are donated to needy people. 

Our Staff

Faith is more than what happens on Sunday mornings. It's a part of who we are, inside and out. At Hitterdahl Lutheran Church, we believe in sharing the joy of the gospels daily, and living a life that embodies the spirit of Christ. Our wonderfully dedicated staff proves this day in and day out.

Church Maintenance

Lola Mae  Dalland is so much more than Hitterdahl's maintenance personnel  she knows the church inside and out and keeps everything in proper working order. Which includes the choir as the director, the kitchen as the lead chef and  as chairwoman of the Priscella Circle to name a few.

Church Secretary

Ester Selke  is Hitterdahl's  tireless secretary keeping the church working like a timeless clock. She doesn't let us stray from being a benevolent organization for which the church was founded. Ester is also chairwoman of the Lydia Circle.

Church Musician

Hannah Beth Gutho is the magic music lady of Hitterdahl. Hannah fills the church with songs of praise using her God given talents at not only one keyboard but three! We would be lost without her smile as well as her talents. Hannah is also the chairwoman of the Ester circle.


Our Church Council

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